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Can a windows reflection melt or damage artificial turf?

June 15, 20232 min read

Can a windows reflection melt or damage artificial turf?

The short answer is yes it can.... but its not as much as a issue as many make it out to be. Its also a very easy solution if this ends up being the case.

A little back around on me. I am a Landscape Contractor that is partnered and sells for the largest turf installer in Northern CA. I have had the window reflection issue many times and solved it every single time.

window damaged turf

1. How dose this happen?

 Imagine when you were a kid and you played with a magnifying glass to burn sticks and stuff... just like that. Sometimes the window catches it perfectly and boom melting turf.

Most of the the time its the new duel pane windows that cause this over the older singe pane windows. The older windows if the sun is catching it just right will make a ''sun diel'' type of melting vs what you see in this photo above.

2. Should a sales rep or estimator be able to see this prior to install?

I have seen and installed over 500,000 square feet of turf and I have never been able to tell if that one random window will cause this. I once had a window from the second story of a house next door burn the turf... nuts huh.

In 2022 I had 150,000 square feet of turf installed (198 job) and I only had 3 jobs with window damage.

Hour Glass type of burn

synthetic turf window damage

3. Preventative measures

  • lots of the time a experienced crew will catch it in the middle of a install because they are there all day long and looking out for this issue.

  • a decent company will help you solve the issue if it arises ( we do as long as the client works with us)

  • window film designed to reduce glare

    To DIY this here is a link to Lows I have used in the past with customers and it works.

  • you can also reach out to most window companies and they should have a film they install to prevent the glare.

    glare from window on turf

I hope this simple, short, and to the point article gets the point across its not a big deal and some window film eliminates this issue immediately.

Make sure you Hire a Good Company when choosing a turf company. We for example ''do not cover window damage in our warrantee'' BUT we will replace the turf for Free as long as the client helps us with solving that window issue.

Thank You

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