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Be Proud Of Your Yard Again

Your yard is the center of your home and a social area used for morning routines with your animals, family gatherings, and good conversation, so it’s important it fits your lifestyle.

Time for you to brighten up your small, dark, and uninviting yard and transform it into a vibrant, dynamic area.

We’re here to help you keep up with exciting trends and technology within the artificial turf world. This is a everchanging place and we will steer you in the correct direction. Your kids will love spending time in the yard with their friends, and everybody will feel at
ease when visiting.

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Artificial Grass can solve many common problems.

Sick of muddy paws?

Maybe tired of dead and brown grass?

Cant find a lawn guy who will show up?

Want to be apart of CA solution to the on going drought?

Or maybe you just want a clean beautiful place for your family to enjoy.

What ever your personal reason is artificial turf could be what you are looking for.

We encourage you to reach out so you can see if its a good fit for you.

Artificial Turf for Pets

Sick of muddy paws or yellow spots?

Dogs are family but they can be a pain in our rears.. lol.. Turf can help with stopping some of these common issues.

We not only have pet specific products but we have installation methods to stop the smell factor in its tracks.

We can do things like under ground airflow to help with the maintenance factor.

Putting greens and Bocce Ball

Some times we want more out of our back yard and not sure what to do.

Adding in some games is always a good feature to make your house the place everyone want to visit.

Pro Greens and be customized to how ever you like.

Want aggressive breaks and rolls faster on the StimpMeter? maybe you want to set it at a specific speed? That's all possible!

Something more simple for kids

Check out some recent projects

Artificial Grass in Turlock California

This project required 4'' removal of the soil, 3'' of a Class2 base with a light crown, 38' of Aluminum edging for the tree and borders, Heavenly Greens Coronado Flo Thru Turf, and 3 pounds of silica sand per square foot.

turf and pavers

This project required a 4'' removal of the soil in the turf area and 7'' removal of soil in the paved area, we used 95' of aluminum edge for the turf area, installed 3'' of class base for the turf area with a crown, 4'' of class 2 base for the paved area, 1'' of setting sand for the pavers, 2'' CalStone Pavers (Pinwheel 6 pattern), infilled 3Lbs per square foot for the turf, and used polymeric sand to lock the pavers in. We also concrete the edge to prevent the interlocking pavers from shifting.

This Project required a 4''-5'' removal of the soil, 3''-4'' of class 2 base and blue fines, Heavenly Greens Pro Putting green material with several breaks, Coronado Flu Thru Turf (fringe) for draining, a chipping mat to set Tees in, 3Lb of silica sand per square foot for the fringe, 8punds of PGA sand per square foot for the PPG area, and we roll the turf with a heavy roller to get the green rolling a 10-14 on the StimpMeter.

Heavenly Greens also provides a roller and teaches the client how to use it.

This project required a 3'' removal (the area was already a bit low), we install edging all along the fence lines, 3'' of class 2 base, installed our turf, and infilled with silica sand.

This project required a 4'' inch removal, close to 100' feet of metal edge, 3'' class 2 base ( clean for pets), and several thousand pounds of CamoFill infill.


We Specialize!!!

We strive to provide relevant information on turf. It is very important to us that you can be educated and make the best decision for YOU.

We Specialize in:

  • Artificial Grass

  • Artificial Turf for Dogs

  • Putting Greens

  • Bocce Ball Courts

We think its very important to be good at one or two things so we can provide the best installation in that specific trade.

Heavenly Greens without a doubt has the best turf, installations, and warranties.

Working with these companies and their materials allows us to provide real in house warranties.

These companies and material manufactures we work with is our personal opinion on who is the BEST locally to Northern CA. We encourage you to reach out, ask questions, and read some blogs/ articles. Our Blogs and articles we try very hard to stay as biased as possible.

back yard landscape


People say about us

turf safe for dogs

Extremely professional service with Mr Sheldon. We discussed what needed to be done and when finished the results exceeded my expectations. The crew was very professional and friendly always willing to go beyond what was wanted. The yard and driveway were left clean. When we talked about doing the work, there was no hurry, so, I thought it would be a couple of weeks to get the work completed but to my surprise they were on the job so fast and efficiently that it was done in a matters of days without skipping the quality of the work. I mostly wanted the turf installed for my dog and he loves it as well. I was not sure if artificial grass was ok for dogs but they have a pet system that really works. They were very responsive through the entire process and informative on what was going on. Very happy I went ahead and did it, I can’t recommend Sheldon’s Landscaping enough!

Erick Diaz

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